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Release of First Digital Music CD

12/17/2012 14:06
Kevin dabbles in digital music as a side project. He believes music to a be great inspirational tool for any activity. His CD is a unique and creative composition of digital music one can work out to, dance to, or simply listen to just because. Get your copy direct from the studio at...

Website Sponsors

10/03/2011 14:39
Reader Exchange

Future Blogs

03/20/2011 11:52
 For future blogs, please check out my official blog sites.  My official Author blogsite that will talk about future publications and have excerpts before anyone else is

Write for a cause blog site

12/30/2010 15:54
Write for a cause has a new blog site.  Be sure to visit it at for more details about my campaign.

Cancerfree Radio

12/14/2010 20:50
Show your support for a new resource of support for cancer survivors and the afflicted.  Cancerfree Radio is hosted by a kind DJ named Julie Joyce who has also survived cancer.  I ask that you support organizations such as these.  Find Cancerfree Radio on FaceBook and twitter or...

Cancerfree Radio

12/14/2010 20:47
I was interviewed this morning by Julie Joyce of Cancerfree radio.  Check out their website for a new support source for cancer survivors and the curently afflicted.

Book Review Contest Update

12/07/2010 01:41
As a new author I know I do not yet have that large of a following.  So far my publishers have reported very few sales which means two things.  First of all and most importantly it means that my charities I promote donating to and pledge 10-25% based on sales volume still has not...

2nd Edition Hardback of Athyxian Chronicles Reign of Viscus Released.

12/07/2010 01:31
At long last the 2nd Edition format of Athyxian Chronicles Reign of Viscus hardback has been released.  This revised format has a new cover designed by Elysium Created Productions.  It is a far better quality design and more appealing to the eyes.  I highly recommend this company for...

Athyxian Chronicles Reign of Viscus Book Reviews

11/07/2010 14:00
    Athyxian Chronicles Reign of Viscus is a chilling tale of mystery, enchantment and literary imagination. The concept of a pantheon of higher beings that formed the ancient world is likened to Greek mythology, but, only darker. The author spins a tale that leaves...

Book Review Contest…………

11/02/2010 23:42
  Book Review Contest………… I am holding a contest for those who have read my books in order to help promote them and make the public aware of them as well as what readers think of them. Because I am a fairly new author, I am asking for the help of my readers or anyone interested in...
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