About The Author

        I was born in Portland, Oregon in the year 1975.  My first published book was released through Lulu.com.  I later released two books through a major publisher I do not recommend and therefore will not mention.  Happily married to my wife Amy, I have four children and enjoy spending time with them every chance that I am not busy writting.  I enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, and compete in amateur mixed martial arts events in my free time.

         My experience as a published author was for me a dream come true.  Having been supported by friends and family, I finally took the chance and wrote my first novel.  I submitted unsolicited querries, having no agent to represent me and received no responses at first except from self publishers.  I self published through Lulu.com and sold five copies in one week before my email erupted with responses from literary agencies and publishers that all told me the same thing, "Don't self publish."  I promptly retracted my book from the self publisher.  I was not satisfied with them anyway, having a black simple cover and a letter-sized formated book.  I sifted through the offers and finally decided on the offer from the unnamed publisher I now despise.  They hold two of my books under 7 year contracts and refuse to let me out of the deals now that I know how crooked they are.  They continually try to ell me my own books at discount prices marked off of their outragious high priced books that range up to $30 or more.  I retain the rights to my books and can continue the series how I see fit to write it elsewhere.

        I think perhaps, the best experience of this venture has been meeting fellow authors and becoming friends with them.  We consult one another on project issues and possible venues that may be interested in stocking our books.  Having survived cancer at age ten and growing up with epilepsy, this was truly an answered wish.  I promote the support of the American Cancer Society, Make A Wish Foundation and Dornbecker's Childrens Hospital.  All three foundations were there for me as a child.  I am donating 10% of my royalty checks between the three organizations.


Motto:  "I write to entertain, and for a cause."


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