Book Review Contest Update

12/07/2010 01:41

As a new author I know I do not yet have that large of a following.  So far my publishers have reported very few sales which means two things.  First of all and most importantly it means that my charities I promote donating to and pledge 10-25% based on sales volume still has not made enough to donate.  Secondly, the contest stands for as long as it takes to reach the minimum number I require to hold the drawing.  When I have received 20 reveiws for each book in publication a drawing will be held for that book or books.  The winner will receive an autographed hardback from me, Kevin C Davison.  I suggested this to everyone before, if you don't want a paperback or can't afford a paperback, go to and order an eBook copy to get it instantly.  Post reviews on websites such as amazon, Barnes&,,, or anywhere else it is sold online.  Email me a copy at to be entered in the drawing(s).  Yes you can read all of my books and enter the contest for each of them.  At this time there is no deadline for the contest.