Cancerfree Radio

12/14/2010 20:50

Show your support for a new resource of support for cancer survivors and the afflicted.  Cancerfree Radio is hosted by a kind DJ named Julie Joyce who has also survived cancer.  I ask that you support organizations such as these.  Find Cancerfree Radio on FaceBook and twitter or visit their website at and share your experiences if you or someone you know has been afflicted with cancer.  I found that talking about my childhood experience was liberating.  I had broke out into tears and luckily I was on the phone so she could not see it.  I hope that it was not noticable in my voice but apparently when I was asked to recall the experience of the diagnosis I remembered more than I anticipated.  The emotions I felt and the recolection of my fear of death.  Luckily for me, that was also the time I found Christ through the pastor of my church who came to visit me in the hospital.  I thank God for Pastor Boes, Doctor Derry Ridgeway, and Doctor Tank, as well as my family who were there for me.  I am now thankful for people like Julie Joyce who are there as a resource for people like myself.