Book Review Contest…………

11/02/2010 23:42


Book Review Contest…………

I am holding a contest for those who have read my books in order to help promote them and make the public aware of them as well as what readers think of them. Because I am a fairly new author, I am asking for the help of my readers or anyone interested in becoming my new readers to go to and find the format of the book you would like to read and write a review for. Submit your reviews to


There are several different formats available from hardback to soft-cover, and even pdf and ePub. Purchase your copy and write a review. Submit your review and when we have received enough reviews for each book we will have a drawing for each of them. The winner will win an autographed copy of the book they reviewed so please make sure submissions have your name and address on them.


All reviews will be posted on FaceBook and my websites for viewing. All reviews will be posted as they are submitted. The winners will also be mentioned on the same websites. No personal information will be given out or posted other than names and reviews. Addresses will all be discarded after the drawings and are only necessary in case your name is drawn to receive the prize.


If you have read more than one of my books and want to submit a review for each of them feel free to do so. All reviews must be legitimate reviews. In other words you must have really read the book. Judges will review these submissions and decide whether or not the reviews are based off of actual readers or not. Any such submission deemed inadmissible will be removed from the drawing and an email notification will be sent out to the individual in question.


This is purely voluntary. All submissions are appreciated, negative and positive so long as they are from individuals who have actually read the books in question, (Wrath, Athyxian Chronicles Reign of Viscus, and Athyxian Chronicles Minions of the Servant.) Thank you for your participations. Contest will not end until at least twenty (20) submissions have been received for each book. For updates go to!/group.php?gid=299728944900 and check the contest thread.


The prize for each drawing will be a hardback format signed and personalized by the author to the individual winners of the contest.


Article y Kevin C. Davison


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