Write for a Cause

04/27/2010 04:48

As a survivor of childhood cancer, I have always wanted to give back.  Someone had given to the three agencies that were their for me and many other afflicted children and now its my turn.  I started a facebook page to promote "Write for a Cause."  It is a page where I as an author dedicate myself to selling more of my books, the ebook format in particular so that I can donate a percentage between my three charities, Dornbeckers Childrens Hospital, Make A Wish Foundation, and the American Cancer Society.  I pledge 10% of all my royalties to these charities, and note that this percentage will increase if I sell 50,000 or more ebooks.  At that point I will be able to afford a 25% donation.  Before you criticize me, do the math.  I stil have to pay taxes on the royalties, and pay my editors and cover designers (illistrators).  I challenge other authors to do the same, and I challenge readers to support us.