The Pain of Self Marketing

04/02/2010 00:22

After waiting over a month for the four copies of my book that I ordered, I finally received them two days ago.  I dropped one off for review at Dark Horse comics with their senior editor.  Having not heard back from any other reviewers, I hope this one will pan out.  I havent received any kind of review, good or bad from the book store I dropped a copy off at a few weeks ago, and I am unable to even get my book in any bookstores through the distributor until they update their database.  My book still dosent show up for bookstores to order it, so I am forced to self market with a lot of difficulty.  Though I am not self-published, I have to self market and getting bookstores to consider me is very difficult.  The good news about stores not being able to get my book through their distributor, Baker & Taylor yet, means that I can save them a bundle on copies through the publisher directly.  With discount codes that can wind up saving much more than 40%, (the standard discount rhough a distributor for bookstores), contacting me via email can often save a bundle if you act when my publisher has a discount code running special.


Kevin Davison